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Watch The Possession Online which is a film based on facts (though I these things not them think) in which a mysterious box will change the life of Em, the younger daughter of a marriage divorced a few months ago, his family. The girl and her sister live in mother (Stephanie)'s House but spend weekends in the company of his father, Clyde, who has just moved to a new home in a neighborhood still under construction (lonely and a bit sinister, go).
Watch The Possession Online passing in front of a flea market of second hand car they stop to take a look and Em takes the above box, attracted by its charm. Gradually begin to happen strange phenomena to their surrounding and the behavior of the small ends concerned about his family, since he ends up becoming aggressive.
Watch The Possession Online and becomes obsessed in unhealthy manner with the box and for this reason his father tries to find a solution. Conducts research on their own and ultimately find out that the box was created to House a dibbuk, a spirit who seeks a pure human body for reincarnated and just by eating it. The only possible to save Em and expel the dibbuk solution is through an exorcism. Do you get Em survive? What will happen with the spirit?

Watch The Possession Online because two days ago my friend Ishtar offered me on Twitter the possibility to accompany the preview in The Possession (the origin of evil) Madrid, as he had had two entries in a contest, and as soon as he asked me I accepted without thinking I it twice.

Watch The Possession Online not by the film itself, that being honest had not heard of it until then, but I was thrilled that we came to see us after our first meeting at the beginning of summer, and also had free movie of by, more reason to not deny me.

Watch The Possession Online well, since the aforementioned preview took place yesterday, Thursday, August 23, at the Cines Cinesa projections of Madrid and that it has not caught us the bull we arrive with time to spare. Us personamos at the entrance to about 19: 30 and be a special pass we had to sign a paper in which we gave our permission so we could be recorded on the inside of the room, since they were going to record the reactions of the audience and our consent was needed for this purpose.
Watch The Possession Online because once signed the slip and after infinite plants climb on foot (my mother, which hartada up stairs, having 4 lifts front not realized take none, lol), finally got to the room, which was virtually empty. We took us a few good centered seats and waiting patiently for you reach 20: 00, the time of beginning of the movie, but as not Macaw reach people we had to wait a little longer, so while was filling the room slowly we are dedicated to chat and marujear awhile.

Watch The Possession Online once sat all staff the lights went out, the Lords of cameras that we were going to record put hands to work each one in your corner and the film began (as noted that it was not a normal session, because they do not put any trailer), feeling slightly observed. Although that feeling I forgot a while, since I did the Chambers case and I focused on the movie.
Watch The Possession Online at the same time also began doing quite frequenter in la you room and host was a Rebecca that had been prepared in the bag. Furthermore, it was a rare cold because as well commented Ishtar came to bursts and curiously in the most interesting moments of the film seemed that the cold was more intense (coincidence?). And now I'm going to focus on the specific aspects of the film, that surely are those that most interest you because I imagine that you will not know anything about it (like me until yesterday).
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